GPS Tracking

Once cost-prohibitive to the general public, GPS vehicle tracking has found its way into more direct-to-consumer applications. The markets have recently matured to the point that costs have been driven down, and the technology has become budget-friendly for the individual consumer. Concerned family members can now track teen and elderly drivers. Insurance companies monitor driver behavior data to help determine premiums. Tracking devices are deployed in automotive finance and car rental programs. Buy-here-pay-here car dealerships might disable a vehicle in the event of late, or non-payment. Vehicle tracking serves a broad range of users, and the list of consumer-related applications continues to grow.

At Earthsat, we use our vehicle tracking system to help make the world a smaller place. We bridge the gap that long distances create by putting you in the driver’s seat. The eye in the sky is Earthsat. “Delivering vital insight through GPS tracking.”


  • Monitor your car on your phone

GPS tracking for personal car can allow you to monitor your vehicles and locate your family in an emergency. It can also notify you if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. It can help you keep your teen driver accountable and it can give your family peace of mind.

  • Protect Your Teen Drive

—The National Highway Safety Administration

Accountability significantly reduces the odds of your teen being involved in an accident. Using our system to track your teen can encourage that accountability.

  • Receive an SMS Towing alert

Our GPS tracker for personal car helps you to avoid Towing by sending you an sms alert immediately when your car is connected with the tow truck.



  1. Geofencing to detect unauthorized vehicle use / detours.
  2. Remote listen or hands free audio with your control center at the push of a button.
  3. Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery
  4. Motion detection to secure parked vehicles & unguarded assets.
  5. SOS button to send out vehicle location when in need of assistance.
  6. Ignition detection and disabling (optional)
  7. Speed reporting to eliminate bad driving habits.
  8. GPS anti jamming features to remove interference from up to 8 jammers.
  9. Periodic reporting based on time or distance travelled.
  10. Idle alarm to detect running engines.
  11. Multiple 1-Wire sensors such as Driver ID and temperature.
  12. Analog sensors for example for fuel and voltage measurements.
  13. Accurate GPS positioning with GPRS & GSM communication.
  14. Landmark data for easy location even when maps are unavailable.


For Dealer’s Protection

Fleet GPS Tracking in Financed Cars Under BHPH Status

Now there are about 87.5 million people in the USA with a credit score below 650. This means there are extra risks in financing. Those risks can be reduced by using our victory tracking dealer solution. you can also be alerted if the GPS module is disconnected illegally from the vehicle and you’ll know where it happened.

male customer support operator with headset

Protect your Dealership assets by installing our GPS Tracker into vehicles sold. You can simply locate the vehicle from your mobile phone or computer and recover it.

We offer special pricing exclusively for auto dealers. If you own a new or used car dealership, join our Victory Tracker Elite program today.

Here are five key features of our Gps module that ensures you peace of mind and puts you in control of your investments:

  • You have the privilege to locate at anytime all your vehicles in finance through your iphone or computer.
  • You have the privilege to be informed by SMS when one of your vehicles leaves the city.
  • You have the privilege of being informed by SMS when one of your vehicles has an accident.
  • In case of theft of the vehicle financed of your client, you can help him to quickly find the vehicle.
  • you have the privilege to have the weekly detailed report of the use of each financed vehicle.


Routing and scheduling software to optimize fleet operations

VictoryFlex software allows delivery companies to finding the fastest, most efficient way to make all of their deliveries. In a few clicks victoryFlex will optimise your routes, allowing you to maximise your profits. And it doesn’t matter what you are delivering, from food deliveries to courier services, field services to manufacturing. If you need to deliver, VictoryFlex is for you.

The Benefits of VictoryFlex Routing and Scheduling Software

Our clever route optimization algorithms create feasible and cost-effective routes at the click of a button. You enter or import your delivery data and then Paragon’s routing and scheduling software provides you with a transport plan that optimizes truck and driver utilization while meeting customer delivery requirements and your business KPIs.

Cut fleet operating costs 10–30%

When your fleet is clocking up fewer miles, you save money. For many operations, it really can be that simple. Fuel and maintenance costs fall and, as your business grows, you require fewer trucks and drivers to support growth.

Reduce planning time from hours to minutes

The best route plans must take account of thousands of permutations. A human is not a computer. Without the aid of smart software, route planners spend too much time developing inefficient plans.

Make better business decisions

With Paragon routing and scheduling software, you can easily model “what if” scenarios, such as the impact on cost and service of using larger vehicles or of relocating a warehouse. Also, you can easily share delivery data with other departments to inform strategic decisions.

VictoryFlex is an electronic proof of delivery system providing your office-based teams with real-time visibility of job progress updates, detailed proof of delivery data and GPStracking details.

  • Improve customer service
  • Streamline operational processes
  • Reduce delivery paperwork
  • Increase mobile workforce productivity


The Transportation & Logistics industry faces daily challenges of keeping their drivers safe and shipments secure. VictoryFlex offers fleet management solutions specifically targeting the Transport & Logistics industry. With our comprehensive, web based reporting and route planning, you can save on your fleet’s operating costs.

VictoryFlex helps Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Courier companies by reducing vehicle fleet cost by monitoring valuable information like speed, irregular use of vehicle, harsh braking and wear & tear of the vehicle. Fleet Maintenance is so important for this industry towards increasing the vehicle life. Logistics companies can also reduce their overhead cost by eliminating under-utilized vehicle and by replacing unreliable drivers with more efficient drivers.

Solution Offerings:

  • Delivery Management

Manage your deliveries and routes easily with our online platform.

  • Proof of Delivery

Receive real-time ePODs with signature once the job is completed.

  • Real Time on the Map

Track route progress and delivery status on the map in real time.

  • Route Optimization

Cut transport costs with scheduling tools that consider vehicle capacities, time windows and mileage.

  • Vehicle Tracking & Routing

Track your vehicle/driver’s current location, monitor delivery efficiency with drop times and shift lengths.

  • Fleet Optimization

Load your fleet to the maximum and get the optimized routes for them at the same time.

  • Safety Management

Maintain the roadworthiness of your fleet & manage defects through to resolution.

  • Delivery Tracking

Let your customers track their deliveries in real time, offer them live updates.

  • Instant Notifications

Send real-time delivery notifications with branded your logo & name.

  • Arrival and Departure

Monitor arrival and departure time for every site.

  • Analytics Reports

Use the unique analysis tool to make various reports.

  • Reports Export

Export any reports in different formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX.

  • Search & Filter

Sort, filter, drill down, search, move columns of your historical jobs.

  • Up-to-Date Detailed Maps

Always up-to-date highly detailed maps of any region of the world.

  • Visual Communication

Receive instant updates on any delivery issue with photos.

  • Two way communication

Send/receive messages between HQ and field staff.

  • Non-Signing Reasons

Create customized matrix of reasons for non-signing documents.

  • API Integration

Our API enables ERP or any other system integration with Track-POD.

Top 3 Challenges Facing Fleet Managers

  1. Cost Reduction — The call to reduce costs is in the forefront of most FMCs operating plans, posing considerable challenge to fleet managers who already run highly efficient fleet operations. The ability to analyze and make suggestions while taking into account fluctuating vehicle costs, a volatile fuel market and unexpected expenses that arise, will be increasingly important in helping FMCs reduce costs.

  • Fuel Consumption — Among the most burdensome tasks for fleet managers is managing fuel costs and identifying ways to decrease this expense. Fuel prices are difficult to forecast and, as a result, make planning a budget challenging. Additionally, auditing fuel reports and making operational changes can place even higher demands on a fleet manager’s already limited time and resources.

  • Driver Safety/Productivity — Managers need to implement safety education programs, understand current regulations and utilize predictive analytics in order to reduce preventable accidents and the associated repair costs, downtime and liability. Enabling driver productivity through technology can also lead to challenges with driver safety, making driver education on proper uses of technology imperative.


Good fuel management in your fleet gives you many advantages:

  • Better control of expenses and reduction of operating costs
  • Avoid flights
  • Improve the efficiency of the company and the quality of its services
  • Prevent abuse and unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your business
  • Enable a better analysis of drivers’ behavior and thus help them to improve their efficiency

At VictoryFlex is to avoid losses: Its goal is to achieve 0 leakage of fuel. To do this, our geolocation solution using GPS plotters helps you control fuel consumption at all levels. You will thus have a clear and complete visibility on the amount of fuel you have available. This method of tracking and managing fuel is absolutely unique and represents an innovation in fleet tracking.


Using GPS probes and GPS trackers, Geo Tracking is able to monitor the amount of fuel available in tanks, measure the amount dispensed by the distributors, and measure the amount of fuel consumed by vehicles.

Thanks to our application, you will know the amount of fuel in the tanks. You will be able to detect possible flights or leaks of fuel.


VictoryFlex offers you “Fuel Monitoring” technology that accurately measures the fuel level of fixed tanks. Based on the gauging device, this solution is extremely useful especially for fixed tanks such as service stations and generators.


Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones

A Gps tracking system can allow you to keep an eye on your aging parents. It can help you locate them if they get lost or in the case of an emergency. A GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your loved ones.


Expensive, It’s Priceless.

Did you know that, on average, more than 2,000 children are reported missing everyday?

As a parent, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Although this a world of instant communication, sometimes a smartphone simply isn’t enough to insure the safety of your children.  A teenager can choose to send your call straight to voicemail; a 7-year old may not even have a smartphone. VictoryFlex — a GPS child tracking device — is your solution. Know they are safe even you can’t be with them.

Do you know where your pet is all the time?

VictoryFlex for pet, is our most innovative device to date. Keep safe and find the whereabouts of your Dog. Get peace of mind knowing that you can find your dog exact location right from the palm of your hand.

Fully equipped with revolutionary GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/BT Hybrid tracking and using its patented technology, VictoryFlex will provide you with outdoor and indoor tracking worldwide.  Smart alerts and other vital information can be then accessed using VictoryFlex smartphone app, desktop app or via email and SMS.


Keep track of your luggage

Track your luggage anywhere across the globe, from a smartphone.

We follow your luggage. It has never been easier! VictoryFlex is a GPS Luggage Tracker that automatically tracks your luggage anywhere in the world, while you enjoy your trip.