Gps Tracking & Fleet Managment

Once cost-prohibitive to the general public, GPS vehicle tracking has found its way into more direct-to-consumer applications. The markets have recently matured to the point that costs have been driven down, and the technology has become budget-friendly for the individual consumer. Concerned family members can now track teen and elderly drivers. Insurance companies monitor driver behavior data to help determine premiums. Tracking devices are deployed in automotive finance and car rental programs. Buy-here-pay-here car dealerships might disable a vehicle in the event of late, or non-payment. Vehicle tracking serves a broad range of users, and the list of consumer-related applications continues to grow.

At Earthsat, we use our vehicle tracking system to help make the world a smaller place. We bridge the gap that long distances create by putting you in the driver’s seat. The eye in the sky is Earthsat. “Delivering vital insight through GPS tracking.”

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